P.P. Filles

Counselling centre for women

P.P. Filles supports socially challenged women and girls, offering them advice and material assistance. The broad scope of the centre's activities ranges from counselling on family planning, contraception, HIV-AIDS and female genital mutilation, physical abuse and providing microcredits for groups of women to set up their own small businesses.




Counselling, Discussion groups and the AMPO Network

P.P. Filles also organizes discussion groups, providing women with a safe environment to discuss their issues freely.

We work closely with the other AMPO institutions, pooling resources and helping the homeless, women who have been abused and those facing financial or health problems. In this way, homeless girls seeking counsel at P.P. Filles may be placed at MIA-ALMA and undernourished babies are given a chance of survival through the LINDA Project.





promoting women's rights

Thanks to the CinéMobile P.P. Filles can spread information on the rights of women and girls to the more remote areas of the country. The CinéMobile is a cinema on wheels. It has its own generator, so we can organize screenings even in places without electricity. Each year a different region in Burkina Faso is selected for the awareness projects of the mobile cinema. With packed audiences the film is followed by a round of discussion. Of course men are also welcome to attend these events, because the effective implementation of the rights of women and girls can only be possible with the inclusion of men. Explaining their rights to women can only help to a limited extent as long as they are financially dependent on their husbands.



One of the most successful projects at P.P. Filles are the microcredits for women. To receive a microcredit women form small groups of 5-10 people and all members are jointly responsible for the credit line. The credit amount is small, starting at USD 40 up to a maximum of USD 80 at an interest rate of 5 %. Such sums may seem insignificant but in Burkina Faso it is enough to help women set up their own small businesses. Those businesses include street food vending (selling cooked rice), hairdressing or fabric trading. Microcedits thus provide an opportunity for women to be financially independent or provide extra income for their families. Every year AMPO grants microcredits to as many as 500 women with a payback rate of a remarkable 98 %.